Let’s get started

I can’t believe it was June 2015 I first posted and I haven’t since!!! As I said before, I’m more a reader than a writer. That being said, I would love to document things when my girls are young and encourage me to do more. I’m also on a very determined health kick (isn’t everybody right now!?!) blogging might just make me stick to it??   Here’s hoping. 

Anyway, I’ve had a good weekend. Here is a run down of what I got up to:
Friday night, my work was hosting a social event straight after work. BYOB, takeaway, quiz, daft challenges etc. It started at 3.30pm. My husband and I work together so I chose to drive while he had a few beers. My Mum was kind enough to offer to watch the girls and the plan was to pick them up just after 7pm. It was a good evening and my team came third out of seven in the quiz even after being last for most of the rounds. We left as the karaoke was starting!  We got the girls in bed and I was able to to have a cheeky glass of wine and catch a bit of telly before bed. The diet was well out of the window as I couldn’t resist the crisps, dips, chocolates, pakora and pizza that was placed in front of me. Mental note; must exercise!

Saturday was filled with little ones dancing classes, laundry, online food shopping and general tidying. I managed to fit in a 15minute jog on the treadmill and a level 1 HIIT workout from the body coach DVD. I felt super proud of myself. When the girls were in bed I was off out to meet my ‘mummy’ friends for dinner and drinks. I decided to drive as I didn’t want to overdo the calorie intake and I also wanted to get home at a reasonable time. If I had been drinking, I probably would have been trying to get everyone to go out to the local, tacky nightclub. It was a good wee night and I was home by a not so rock n roll, 10.45pm. 

Sunday was very productive. Another jog and body coach work out. This time level 2. The shopping arrived full of healthy goodies and I spent most of the afternoon cooking. I made a huge batch of bolognese, Italian chicken, faijta chicken, fruity chicken curry and a turkey joint. Needless to say I’m a bit tired and looking forward to settling down on the couch with a glass of red to watch Sherlock.