September Weekend at Center Parcs – Part One

As a family, we headed to Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest for the long weekend at the end of September.  My Mum and Dad also came along which was lovely for the girls.  This was the first time any of us had been and we were all excited.  I was put off Centre Parcs previously as it is pretty expensive as well as the fact that you to prebook everything including restaurants.  I usually like to go with the flow and see how I feel at the time.  How am I supposed to know what I want for dinner and at what time months before?  However, I do see the benefits of planning a short break in order that you make the most of the weekend away.  Center Parcs is a well oiled machine and works because everything is booked in advance.

Centeer Parcs sign

We paid extra for the early check in at 2pm which I would do again.  We arrived just after 2pm and it was a smooth process.  We were able to go straight to our lodge and unload.  After 3pm there was a big influx of cars and I was glad we were already settling into our lodge.


Ours was a three bedroom, executive lodge.  I can’t complain about the accommodation at all.  It was spacious, clean and modern.  Perfect for the six of us.  It had a physiotherm room which is kind of like a sauna.  Hubby and I tried it on the Saturday evening but we were disappointed.  It took a while to heat up and I barely broke into a sweat which I think is the point but it was just boring.  I wouldn’t bother paying extra for a lodge just for this physiotherm room.

Living area.JPGbedroomensuiteliving area 2

Our lodge was in ‘Meadow View’ which seemed to be the furtherest away you could possibly be.  Not that it took that long to get to where the action was and I enjoyed the walk.  You can pay extra to choose an address which I think lots of people must do to get the same area every year.

Center Parcs is, of course, known for being safe to cycle.  We didn’t bring any bikes nor did we hire any.  My Mum and Dad didn’t want to cycle (Mum has already broken her hip once, she does not need to do it again!) and our two aren’t that proficient on their bikes yet so we decided to leave them at home.  I was worried we would be the only ones ‘walking’ but it wasn’t the case.  Plenty of families cycling and plenty walking.  walkingwalking 2

I’ll tell you more about what we got up to in Part 2.

telephone box





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