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Christmas shopping


I have finally started my Christmas shopping.  I never begin too early as I feel it’s all part of the seasonal excitement.  That being said, I hate the stress of leaving things to the last minute and panic buying.

hanging decoration

I’ve made a list of everyone I need to get presents for and a budget for each person which I’ll try my best to stick to.  The list isn’t that long to be honest and it’s generally close family and kiddies that I buy for.  This year I’m finding it a struggle to decide on gifts, even for my girls (aged 6 and 3).  We’ve yet to do the ‘letter to Santa’ as it’s a bit early so I hope they have a good idea of what they want.  We normally tell them to ask for three things but not to expect to get all three.

This is what I have bought for them so far:

barbie collage.png
You can’t go wrong with a Barbie.  Barbies were my favourite gifts at Christmas when I was a girl.
trolls jigsaw
Both girls love jigsaws but Alice (three years old) wants to do jigsaws every day.  I think there will be more purchased for Christmas day but I had to get this one first as she just loves Trolls.

I spent hours on the other night.  I ended up only buying two gifts as I got too distracted looking at things for myself or the home.

This is what i got:

collage necklace.png
This is a gorgeous mini enamel dot necklace for my best friends 11 year old daughter.  I chose the colour of the pendant and got her initial on the little star.
These lovely little shoes are for another friend’s baby girl.  They are so cute and soft.  I know she will look adorable wearing them when they eventually fit!?!

That’s all for the moment, I know it’s hardly anything.  I better get my skates on and stop being distracted by wanting to buy myself presents.

Just to say, when I do online shopping, I always go through the cash back website I know there are lots out there but I quite like this one.  You may as well get something back for all the spending.  It means I can justify myself better.  I also make sure I look out for special ‘points events’ for stores like Boots.

Please feel free to send me some ideas.